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500apps is a profound brainchild of Mantra designed to be the one-stop destination for businesses of all sizes to grow into successful enterprises. With its robust assembly of technical expertise and resources, 500apps kick-started newer solution architectures to add to its composition - ClickDesk, Agile CRM, and 500apps business suite that is now reckoned as the corner-stone solution providers of several small & medium-sized businesses globally.

Achieving remarkable milestones throughout the journey is driven by a thirst for innovation. Be it a low-cost customer relationship management or an integral business suite development with an arsenal of more than 39 apps, 500apps successfully achieved ground-breaking wins with the motto of pushing businesses to greater heights.

Our Products

500apps repository includes the next-generation technologies that help businesses grow


More than 30,000+ businesses trust 500apps to grow their businesses with tools that can help them scale faster and compete at a fraction of the cost. With constant innovation and retrospection, the business suite transforms from time to time adding more SaaS solutions to its line-up.

After the remarkable success of ClickDesk and Agile CRM, 500apps has decided to introduce an all-in-one integrated suite that has more than 39 applications that are designed to serve diverse industries including Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Productivity, and more.

Using the technology as the medium of innovation and believing it to be the game-changer in the business world, the 500apps business suite constantly upgrades its bundle of applications and adds more and more SaaS solutions to its repository. Aimed to become the one-stop solution for small and medium-scale businesses, the 500apps business suite has proven to be a cost-effective alternative for businesses of all sizes.

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Agile CRM

Over 20,000+ companies globally rely on Agile CRM for its full-scale sales, marketing, and service automation functionalities to drive sustainable and scalable growth. This affordable cloud-based SaaS provider is mobile-friendly, fast, simple to use, and supercharges small and medium-scale businesses with unwavering data security.

Creating an all-in-one CRM solution was born out of necessity. When communicating with customers was getting harder as the predecessor ClickDesk has grown to success, it was time to look for the best customer relationship management. Failing to find the ideal CRM which is not only cost-effective but meets all requirements, ClickDesk's efficient personnel has begun to build a few essential capabilities. Within no time, these add-ons were surpassing the performances of any CRM there was in the market. Thus a foundation was laid to build an in-house app as support to ClickDesk, which has become a reliable SaaS solution for growth-oriented small businesses.

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18,000+ businesses trust ClickDesk in more than 120 countries as it enables companies to improve visitor experience, customer engagement, and sales. From advanced video chat to an extensive help desk, the application has all the crucial features proving its motto, converting visitors into delighted customers.

Designed to be an ideal integrated support service, the live support chat software ClickDesk helps businesses in receiving phone calls from visitors instantly. The cloud-based application integrates with the present setup of organizations without asking for any new installations. Businesses that wish to have a budget-friendly interactive setup on their websites opt for ClickDesk to integrate reliable live chat support that also provides businesses with information that is crucial for their business growth and successful run.

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In our more-than-a-decade-long journey, we helped many organizations become the best of the best. We are still just getting started!